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vYd n Boly dwrU lwie

Shabad Video by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Khalsa DhadrianWale.

Vaid Na Bhole Daru Laye

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Gurbani Shabad

  • mlwr mhlw 1 ]
  • duKu vyCoVw ieku duKu BUK ]
  • ieku duKu skqvwr jmdUq ]
  • ieku duKu rogu lgY qin Dwie ]
  • vYd n Boly dwrU lwie ]1]
  • vYd n Boly dwrU lwie ]
  • drdu hovY duKu rhY srIr ]
  • AYsw dwrU lgY n bIr ]1] rhwau ]
  • Ksmu ivswir kIey rs Bog ]
  • qW qin auiT Kloey rog ]
  • mn AMDy kau imlY sjwie ]
  • vYd n Boly dwrU lwie ]2]
  • cMdn kw Plu cMdn vwsu ]
  • mwxs kw Plu Gt mih swsu ]
  • swis gieAY kwieAw Fil pwie ]
  • qw kY pwCY koie n Kwie ]3]
  • kMcn kwieAw inrml hMsu ]
  • ijsu mih nwmu inrMjn AMsu ]
  • dUK rog siB gieAw gvwie ]
  • nwnk CUtis swcY nwie ]4]2]7]

Gurbani Shabad Translation

  • Malaar, First Mehl:
  • The pain of separation - this is the hungry pain I feel.
  • Another pain is the attack of the Messenger of Death.
  • Another pain is the disease consuming my body.
  • O foolish doctor, don't give me medicine. ||1||
  • O foolish doctor, don't give me medicine.
  • The pain persists, and the body continues to suffer.
  • Your medicine has no effect on me. ||1||Pause||
  • Forgetting his Lord and Master, the mortal enjoys sensual pleasures;
  • then, disease rises up in his body.
  • The blind mortal receives his punishment.
  • O foolish doctor, don't give me medicine. ||2||
  • The value of sandalwood lies in its fragrance.
  • The value of the human lasts only as long as the breath in the body.
  • When the breath is taken away, the body crumbles into dust.
  • After that, no one takes any food. ||3||
  • The mortal's body is golden, and the soul-swan is immaculate and pure,
  • if even a tiny particle of the Immaculate Naam is within.
  • All pain and disease are eradicated.
  • O Nanak, the mortal is saved through the True Name. ||4||2||7||
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"One can learn a lot from Bhai Saheb for a Smooth Life"
We love bhai saheb’ vichaar on different topics specially on day to day life problems, whether it is parents, children, society. Really wonderful knowledge. We see bhai saheb as a preacher, engineer, doctor, scientist , son, parent. Without being married himself, too much knowledge. Unbelievable. One can learn from bhai saheb a lot for a smooth life. Would like to meet bhai saheb when in India. Regards.
_ Taranjeet Singh, Aurora - USA

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